“The Newborn Days”

Days to be remembered they say… hmm m no i don’t think so and here is why.

It was day three of being at home with a newborn baby and all i remember is starting to cry because i was not dressed. The tears just rolled down my cheeks and just did not stop.

There i was half naked with a life sucking human that was relying on me for milk from my boobs (Breastfeeding now there is a topic i will write about soon)

I looked at my husband and he said “its ok baby cakes” (Corney i know but at that moment he made me smile)

So on a side note if your lucky enough to have a supportive human and life partner by your side then take some time to appreciate them and tell them everyday because their emotions and feelings matter too.

And so i remember instantly feeling like it was always going to be like this from that day on i was now known as “Mumma Bear” not “Claire Bear”

Yep that’s right i slowly started to forget who i was and everything i did slowly started to become about Ava-lily.



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